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David Binney

David Binney serves as contracted counsel for Shatz Law Group. David focuses his practice on commercial litigation including patent, copyright, trademark and general civil litigation. He also has handled antitrust litigation, federal and state securities litigation, and professional liability litigation (architects, engineers, lawyers). Among the cases he has been involved in are Optiva Corp. v. Teledyne Industries (USDC, WD. Wa.) (patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation), Microsoft adv. Apple (USDC N.D. Cal.) and In re WPPSS Securities Litigation (W.D. Wa. and D. Ariz.). In addition to serving select clients, David has experience as mediator in federal civil litigation.

Prior to starting his own practice in 2012, David was a partner at K&L Gates (formerly Preston Gates & Ellis).

David has been selected by Best Lawyers in 2012 through 2016.

Bar/ Court Admissions
  • California
  • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
  • United States Tax Court
  • E.D. Texas
  • E.D. Michigan
  • C.D. Illinois
  • University of Michigan, J.D., (1977)
  • CumLaude
  • Harvard College, B.A., (1974)
  • Cum Laude
  • “Patent Claim Interpretation After Markman – How Have the Trial Courts Adapted?” Idea, the Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 38, No. 1, 1997.
  • “Judgments” (Chapter), Haig et al, 3 Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, West Publishing, 1998.
  • “Judgments” (Chapter), Haig et al, 4 Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Second Ed., West Publishing, 2005.
  • “Judgments” (Chapter), Haig et al, 5 Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, 3rd Ed., West Publishing, 2011.
Representative Cases:

• Patent Litigation

  • Network Protection Sciences vs. Juniper et al (N.D. Cal., formerly E.D. Tex.). transparent proxy firewall systems.
  • G3 Genuine Guide Gear vs. Black Diamond Equipment, (D. Utah (formerly W.D. Wa) and Federal Circuit). cross country ski climbing skins.
  • Omax Corporation vs. Flow International Corporation (USDC, W.D. Wa.). ultra- high pressure abrasive waterjet shapecutting systems.
  • Source Search Technologies, LLC vs. Zillow (D.N.J.). online mortgage application software.
  • Optiva Corp. v. Teledyne Industries (USDC, WD. Wa.). ultrasonic electric toothbrushes.
  • Washington Research Foundation v. BTG International, Ltd. (ICC Arbitration). artificially produced Factor 9 (blood coagulent made with recombinant DNA.
  • Washington Research Foundation vs. Chiron (arbitration and N.D. Ca.). artificial insulin produced using yeast.
  • Nuclear Assurance Corp. v. VECTRA, Inc. (USDC, N.D. Ga.). nuclear fuel baskets.
  • Yang adv. Research Corporation Technologies (USDC, W.D. Wa.). prostate specific antigen (prostate cancer tumor marker).
  • Aldus Corp. adv. Scitex (USDC, E.D. Va. and W.D. Wa.). electronic prepress production operations in connection with color printing.
  • Litewka v. Grahl (USDC, W.D. Wa., AAA Arbitration, Michigan). office chair armrest design.
  • Microsoft adv. IQ Technologies (USDC, W.D. Wa.) –circuitry inside Microsoft mouse.
  • Instrumed – DePuy et al. (USDC, W.D. Wa.). disposable tourniquets (medical equipment).
  • K2 Corporation vs. Switch Manufacturing, Inc. (USDC, W.D. Wa). snowboard bindings.
  • Cleanpak International v. Huntair Corporation et al (USDC, D. Or.). cleanroom ceiling designs.
  • Digitizer Technology Corp. v. Laboratory Computer Systems, Inc.(USDC, W.D. Wa.). digitizer interface.
  • Dominion Corporation vs. Terabeam Networks, Inc.(USDC, W.D. Wa.). freespace optical telecommunications networks.

• Copyright Litigation

  • Microsoft adv. Apple (USDC N.D. Cal.). Microsoft Windows graphical user interface.
  • Microsoft v. Kita International, Inc. (USDC, E.D.N.Y.). Software piracy (Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS).
  • Microsoft v. SubLogic (USDC, C.D. III.). Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Microsoft – Advanced Logic Systems (USDC, N.D. Cal.). Code copying case against imitators of Microsoft SoftCard (allowed Apple programs to run on 8-bit personal computer) with antitrust counterclaim.
  • Photo and Sound adv. Mattney (USDC, W.D. Wa.). Code copying involving computer diagnostics macros.
  • Hilliard v. Mac’s Place, Inc. (USDC, W.D. Wa.). commercial illustration.
  • Woodstrom adv. Lawrence (USDC, W.D. Wa.). use of photograph in advertising.

• Trademark Litigation

  • Seattle Storm, Inc. vs. WNBA Enterprises, Ltd. (USDC, W.D. Wa.). “Seattle Storm” for basketball and soccer teams.
  • Countryside Fragrances, Inc. v. Our Secret, Inc. (USDC, N.M.). “Countryside” for aromatic candles.
  • Systems Control – Power-X (King County Sup. Ct.). “Power-X” for home security sirens.

• Trade Secret Litigation

  • Optiva Corp. v. Teledyne Industries, Inc. (USDC, W.D. Wa.) – ultrasonic electric toothbrushes.
  • ATL (former employee) (King County Sup. Ct.). ultrasound equipment (former employee).
  • Systems Control – Power-X (King County Sup. Ct.) – customer lists (former employee).
  • Flow International vs. OMAX (King Country Sup. Ct.) – manufacturing trade secrets (former employee).
  • VWR Scientific (former employee) (King County Sup. Ct.). customer lists (former employee).

• Security Litigation

  • In re WPPSS Securities Litigation (W.D. Wa. and D. Ariz.). Securities class action relating to $2 billion bond default.
  • Davis vs. A.I.D. (USDC, E.D. Wa.) – securities in advertising-related company.
  • Lee, et al. v. Kuschel, et al. (W.D. Wa. and King County Sup. Ct.) – securities fraud and common law fraud alleged in sale of motel.

• Antitrust Litigation

  • In re Corn Derivative Products Antitrust Litigation (D. N.J.) – price information exchange allegations.
  • Butterworth v. Jones Chemical, et al. (N.D. Fla.) – alleged bid-rigging (civil penalties actions and related Grand Jury investigation).
  • Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission investigations of Microsoft. Assisted with defense against multiple investigations, 1988-1995.
  • Microsoft v. Unitron, et al. (USDC, C.D. Ca.). software piracy litigation with antitrust affirmative defenses and separate antitrust case brought by defendants.

• Others

  • Premera v. Insurance Commissioner (Wa. Ins. Commission, 2004) – Administrative proceeding for “Blue” insurance company seeking to go private.
  • State of Virginia v. Elliott – state and federal habeas corpus petition for inmate on death row in Virginia.